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Designing the Mentoring Stamp

In an age of Twitter, texting, e-mail and barcodes, the humble postage stamp is in danger of dying out. Yet the stamp has been a tiny canvas for artists and designers to disseminate their work to one of the largest and certainly the broadest of audiences for decades.

Designing Gestural Interfaces

Dan Saffer has a knack for writing the right book at the right time. His first book, Designing for Interaction: Creating Smart Applications and Clever Devicespulled together various disparate approaches and aspects to interaction design into one volume.

This Rimy River: Vaughn Oliver and Graphic Works 1988-94

Guest review by Tobias Grime This Rimy River: Vaughn Oliver and Graphic Works 1988-94is probably the most worn out and dog-eared design book I have.

geometric from Kapitza

[Update: Abduzeedo are giving away a copy of Geometric to the person who leaves the best comment on their site.] If you are thinking of designing and printing your own uber cool Christmas wrapping paper, look no further.