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Abbott Miller: Design and Content

The recent monograph, Abbott Miller: Design and Content, provides a wealth of evidence for seeing Miller as one of today’s exemplary designers. In my view, this is not for any set of particular projects or for any distinctive Miller style, but for the way he has oriented himself within the design field.

Kickstarter for the reprint of Ladislav Sutnar's Visual Design in Action

We rarely do editorial posts here, but Steve Kroeter’s site, Designers & Books is obviously close to our hearts. They have just launched a Kickstarter campaign of a type we would love to see more of and we’re happy to tell as many people about it as possible:

Speculative Everything

Are designers too wedded to a realist vision of today, and of tomorrow’s prospects? Are they complacent about design’s contributions to society? The answer to both is a resounding yes according to Speculative Everything: Design, Fiction, and Social Dreaming.

Design Transitions - author interview

With its obsession with creating the new and improving the old, design is naturally a field that is in constant flux. In the past decade, design has been grappling with its identity somewhat.

Push Start: The Art of Video Games

Review by Andy Polaine I grew up with video and computer games. When I was a young child, I remember my father coming home from the pub telling me about the fantastic game he had played there.

A Logo for London

Review by Paul A. Ranogajec London Transport’s logo–known as the roundel, circle and bar, or bulls-eye–easily counts as one of the most successful graphic designs of all time.