Seeking Contributors for the DRoB


I could use some help.

When I started the Designer’s Review of Books, I had a bit of time on my hands and managed to keep a steady flow of weekly reviews. I have been helped along the way by some generous guest reviewers and to them I am very grateful. However, since starting a more time-consuming day job the pile of books to review on my desk has grown alarmingly large.

Regular readers will have noticed that the stream of reviews has grown to a trickle and that’s no good. I do have two guest reviews to put online very soon, but I am finding it hard to find the time to even read all the books to review, let alone write reviews.

So I have decided to open the site up in order to build up a handful of regular contributors. These contributors will have their accounts for the blog’s interface and will publish as and when they like without any interference from me beyond any disasters that might need an editorial eye.

What’s in it for you? Good question. I don’t have a huge budget – in fact I really don’t have any budget – for the site, but I don’t want to shut it down either. You can use the name of the site and/or my contacts with publishers to receive review copies of books. These you can usually keep, but you do really need to write a review of anything you request specifically. I’m happy to make contact on your behalf. You can put an ad for your own site or services in the large rotator box on the top-right of the sidebar and you are welcome to use your own Amazon affiliate ID in your posts as well as put links and information in your byline. In return you should be able to show you can write insightfully and be conscious of correct grammar and spelling. I will still reserve an editorial veto on anything, but I plan never to use it.

If you feel you might be interested, please let me know.

One last thing - I’d be very grateful if you could tweet and retweet this invite.