How do you like it?


Eggs. Everyone likes them different and each of us eats them in a certain way, just like blogs. Okay, so you don’t fry blogs, but humour me with the metaphor for a moment.

The Designer’s Review of Books has been running for a few months now and I am very grateful for all the readers and subscribers (not subscribed? Here you go). One problem with reviews is that they don’t open up much conversation and it would be great to know a bit more about who you are, how you read the content and how it could be better. I can comb the logs forever, but they only tell me so much – I prefer to hear from real people.

If you feel in the mood to give some feedback or just want to say hi, here are some questions – tell me how you like your blog cooked:

  1. Do you read the entire thing via a feed reader or do you visit the web site? (And what feed reader do you use?)

  2. If the feed items were shorter excerpts, would you bother to click through to the site or would that be irritating?

  3. How are the length of the reviews? Too long, too short, just right?

  4. What books and disciplines would you like to see more reviews of?

  5. Would you like to see more frequent reviews or is the pace good?

  6. If I were to put all Amazon’s links in the main article like this (USA|CA|UK|DE) would that be useful or irritating?

Anything else (style of reviews, design, ads, etc.)? Let me know in the comments.

(Egg photo credit: Veronika23)