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Designing For People

Guest review by Phillip Hunter “Design is a silent salesman… contributing not just increased efficiency… but also assurance and confidence.” So asserts American Industrial Designer Henry Dreyfuss (1904 - 1972) near the beginning of his 1955 memoir, Designing for People (Amazon: US|CA|UK|DE).

The User is Always Right

Reviewed by Will Evans – the first of several guest reviews to come on the DRB. See the end of the review for Will’s bio.

Data Flow

If there is one resource we’re not short of these days it is data. We’re swimming in the stuff and generating it all the time. Making visual sense of all that data requires a fine balance between complexity and simplicity.

Jon Burgerman - Pens Are My Friends

Three years ago I interviewed Jon Burgerman after I stumbled across his web site and was immediately sucked into his bizarre world of characters. Like quite a few illustrators and animators I know, Burgerman appears to have an inexhaustible supply of oddities inside his head and an equally unstoppable urge to draw them.