Andy Polaine
Andy Polaine
Feb 10, 2009 2 min read

Buy Books, Help Australian Bushfire Victims


Sitepoint, the Melbourne-based publisher on all things web, currently has a Five for One PDF book offer in order to help victims of the terrible Australian bushfires.

You get around $150 of books for $30 and all of the proceeds go towards the Australian Red Cross:

“[W]e’re taking one day, working around the clock to plan, package, and execute our best book deal ever in order to raise funds for the Red Cross as soon as possible. Our ambitious plan is to raise over US$50,000. Every single cent generated from this promotion will go directly to the bushfire relief effort – so if you spend $29.95 purchasing 5 books from SitePoint, the whole $29.95 will go directly to supporting this cause. We feel that’s the least we can do.”

I lived in Australia for nearly seven years and the devastation the fires cause is unbelievable and the loss even more tragic. If you are thinking about buying any books for your technical and web design library, I encourage you to take up Sitepoint’s offer - they are running it until Friday 13th February.

I get sent free books all the time and even I am buying some to review at some point and for my own use. Even if you are not thinking of buying any books and just want to make a donation, it seems like a smart way to do it because everyone wins, such is the beauty of digital delivery.