The Designer’s Review of Books has a new Editor – Dominic Flask


Newly minted Editor, Dominic Flask, surveys his kingdom. Or visits a gallery.

Regular readers will know that they haven’t had all that much to regularly read recently. I started The Designer’s Review of Books as a labour of love a few years ago, but a combination of writing my own book, having a young child and holding down a day job have meant I haven’t been able to push the site as far as I would like in recent months.

I didn’t want to just let the site die out or shut it down, so I’m really pleased to announce that long-time Designer’s Review of Books contributor Dominic Flask will be taking over as Editor. Unfortunately he didn’t pay me $1 billion for it, but you can’t have everything.

I’m remaining as the publisher of the site and have taken on the spurious title of Editor-at-large, which essentially means I’ll write when I can and still be involved. The tweets from the site will still go out under my @apolaine account. We have some plans for the site, including interviews with authors, shorter, quick reviews and more, so keep following and keep reading!

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