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Welcome to The Designer’s Review of Books – a selection of books for the creative mind.

For sometime I have been looking for a site that only reviewed books on design and related areas rather than a blog or site that also reviewed books. I couldn’t find one (or not one that I liked) so I created the DRB. You can read more about the background, the people, the idea and why there is no apostrophe in the title here.

Over time there will be plenty of tweaks and changes, I’m sure, but we’ve tried to keep things simple and focus on the books and the reviews. The categories will expand automatically with the reviews (rather than going to dead category pages) and we have deliberately chosen simple ones such as 2D, 3D, Interactive, etc. The fine detail will be in the tags if we do our job right.

Upcoming reviews include slide:ology, a sneak preview of Dan Saffer’s Designing Gestural Interfaces and the sumptuous Kelvin: Colour Today. So add us to your feeds, tell your friends, sit back, relax and enjoy a good ogle at some of the most inspiring books around.

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  • Thanks Andy. Yes, I have a category called “Not Design” for all the other interesting books that I and my fellow designers have found inspiring/useful but that aren’t directly design books. (There are two on writing that changed the way I think and teach, for example, that I will review soon).

    I have kept the categories broad because it would have become too complicated. They are 2d, 3d, Interactive, Motion, Photography and Not Design. You can’t see the categories yet because I don’t yet have an entry for all of them and having half of them showing due to the reviewed books (which is what I originally started with) was confusing and it’s irritating to go to a empty category. But there’s plenty more to come…

  • I found out about your site on Twitter and I must say I am impressed so far with your thorough review! Like others have stated, I’m looking forward to your posts (because you can never have too many design books). I don’t mind the ‘missing’ apostraphe either 😉